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Hudec & World EXPO 2010

The "Art Forum Hungary" exhibition was opened on the 23rd of August, 2010, in Shanghai, China, presenting László Hudec's architectural work. The "Interactive  Encyclopedia of Architect L. E. Hudec" , displayed at the MoCa in Shanghai, was clickable in Chinese, English, and Hungarian.

Through the interactive screens, users could read about Hudec's architectural background with illustrations of that era, and they could see where he come from (A historic map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy of the early 20th century explained the borders and nationalities of that period). Viewers could also watch a short documentary about his life, based on his letters and his own 16mm film archives from 80 years ago. It was also possible to explore 13 Hudec masterpieces and watch short films about his contemporaries in Hungary. On another plasma screen, 3D reconstructions of three important Hudec buildings were shown, courtesy of Graphisoft, Hungary.