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  • Winner of the Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 38th Hungarian Film Week (2007)
  • Winner of the Best Investigative Film Award at the Film.Dok Festival (2007)
  • Winner of the Best Hungarian Film Award at the Dialektus Film Festival (2008)
  • Official Selection of the Seattle International Film Festival (2007)
  • Official Selection of the Los Angeles Hungarian Film Week (2007)
  • Official Selection of the Lagow Film Festival (2008)


“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything this good. ... The American style of cinematic storytelling is masterful... The scenes are hard-hitting. The people are human.”

Béla István Szabó (

“This is real drama, you couldn’t have made this up. Just like you couldn’t have made up the follow-through, the reconciliation , the happy ending and the journey home, which is one of the most traumatic and simultaneously most uplifting moments we’ve seen on screen lately.”
György Báron, Filmvilág

“I found myself choked up for 40 out of the film’s 88 minutes, because everything the movie had to say about the revolution, its aftermath, about émigré Hungarians both now and after the revolution, about memory and about our children – everything spoke to me personally, as an individual.”
Klára Varga, Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian national daily broadsheet)

“Of the large number of films produced on the occasion of the revolution’s 50th anniversary, Journey Home is probably unique, for it focuses on the story of a single individual... using documentary techniques.
András Kósa (Hírszerzô.hu)