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Memory Project Germany: VIdeo Installation by Réka Pigniczky

The video installation will open on Monday, October 17 and run until November 30th at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Hungarian Cultural Center), Germany. The event will begin at 7pm at Doroteenstrasse 12, with Paul Georg Hefty giving the opening remarks followed by the director of the Memory Project, Réka Pigniczky.

Memory Project Germany 1956/2016 consists of 6 10-minute videos that are compilations of ten life-history interviews conducted with 1956ers in Germany during the summer of 2016. Other visuals in the installation include personal photos from 1956 by Memory Project participants, newly published photos by the UNHCR of Hungarian refugees in 1956 and personal photos of the first years of life in Germany after 1956.

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Interviewees of Memory Project Germany: Dr. László Fodor, Yvan Nagy, Antal Lux, Dr. Sándor Kecskés, Kornél Klement, Dr. János Rétey, József Mészáros, György Harsay, János Boór and Éva Kerpel-Fronius Gosztonyi.

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Memory Project Germany: VIdeo Installation by Réka Pigniczky